Three Ways Smaller Companies Can Recruit and Retain Talent

Whether you call it the ‘Great Resignation,’ the ‘Great Reshuffle’ or just the usual ‘War for Talent,’ it’s clear companies are having to do even more now to keep their best. One CEO, who has grown his company from 12 employees to more than 100, shares his strategies.

The pandemic has triggered myriad societal and workplace shifts, from hybrid work styles to a rise in remote collaboration technologies. Perhaps even more notable is a transformation in workers’ mentalities and mindsets. Many are reassessing their career goals, and some are quitting workplaces that no longer serve their needs. It’s clear that what’s been dubbed as The Great Resignation is in full force: according to the Department of Labor, in November 2021, the number of people quitting their jobs hit a record high of 4.5 million. For the first time, the power dynamics between employers and employees are shifting. Employers no longer hold all the power and executives across industries are grappling with how to attract and retain talent. For those reassessing their talent needs and company culture in 2022, these three strategies will help them not only survive The Great Resignation, but build an employee-focused company that can retain top talent and thrive long-term. READ FULL ARTICLE>>