Leaders: Are Employees Creating or in Coping Mode? How to Tell

An important barometer of your effectiveness as a leader is assessing whether your employees spend most of their time in coping mode or creating with you. If polled, I’m sure most bosses would select “creating,” yet, in many instances, the reality is very different. The top issues I encounter in workshops and coaching sessions are less about performance, development and scaling success and more about surviving and coping in the boss’s world. Note to bosses everywhere: That’s not how it’s supposed to be. When people focus more on coping than creating, everyone’s energy, morale and results suffer. In this article, I point to some of the big bad habits that bosses display to push employees into coping mode and offer ideas for bosses everywhere to get more feedback on themselves. It turns out that we all need help seeing ourselves as others do to determine when our behaviors are hindering the creative work of problem-solving and innovating. READ FULL ARTICLE>>