August 2022 Edition

CE Fair Market Values Flat, But Higher vs. Past Years On the auction side, average FMV is up 17.3% above July 2021, and 2.3% above June 2020. At the start of the year, there was hope that rapid inflation would be in the rearview by the mid-year mark. For the first six months of this year, we’ve seen […]

July 2022 Edition

Auction Activity Rebounds Crawler mounted hydraulic excavators top prevalence on May resale market. Construction equipment resale pricing continued a familiar trend in May 2022, with average FMV 4.6% higher than it was in May 2021. Prices were up 1% over April 2022 levels, in line with the month-over-month increase we saw last month. Sustained price increases and supply […]

June 2022 Edition

June Podcast Explores Consolidation and More Listen in for some food for thought on whether you’ll eat or be eaten if the supply chain remains unchanged a year from now. Along with the rest of the world, the equipment business is becoming a strange twilight zone in which independents are experiencing price euphoria on the one […]

May 2022 Edition

We Need to Talk … To Each Other Listen to the May podcast with Marlin Smith at TKO. What does IEDA need more of? IDEA SHARING. So says IEDA founding board member Marlin Smith, owner of TKO Equipment. Listen in as he discusses some of the big challenges independent dealers are wrestling with today, from customer […]

April 2022 Edition

Customers Value Their Time “No one will buy a $250,000 machine online”! “But this is a relationship business!” I’ve heard those 2 comments repeatedly. First, Ritchie Brothers and Bidadoo have sold Billions (with a ‘B’) of equipment online, as-is where is. The crowd that clings to those two statements are missing the greater point: the shift towards online transactions […]

December 2021 Edition

December Podcast Guest: Take Ownership To Make Sure You Survive and Thrive! Ron Slee has been educating the construction equipment distribution industry for about 5 decades – in our latest podcast program, he shares strategies for dealing with skilled labor shortages … and a great deal more. The No. 1 ranking issue keeping business owners awake at night – […]

November 2021 Edition

November Podcast Digs Into Rental Realities Hear the lively discussion covering rental fleet replenishment challenges, labor retention and even some predictions about winter auctions. While equipment shortages continue, what are the biggest pain points from a rental perspective? Is anyone letting go of low-hour machines from their rental fleets these days? Jarrett Harris, director of Cyclicals […]

October 2021 Edition

The Comedy of Errors That’s Not So FunnyIEDA’s October podcast welcomes Jarrett Harris from OTR for a pulse check on the bizarre supply-demand scenario in which we find ourselves. Independent equipment dealers – not to mention everyone in the heavy equipment industry – are sick of hearing the word “unprecedented” inserted in front of whatever the […]

September 2021 Edition

One IEDA Customer Offers Feedback We All Can Use Our September podcast is an honest conversation about a contractor’s rental mindset. Clay Padilla, a rental customer of an IEDA member dealer, started his Native American-owned heavy construction firm at the age of 23 near Albuquerque, N.M. He has built it into a stable, growing company serving […]

August 2021 Edition

ARA Forecast Shows Improved Outlook for Equipment Rental Revenue and Investment Infrastructure bill could give rental revenue an additional shot in the arm The outlook for equipment rental revenue, comprised of the construction/industrial and general tool segments, has improved over the last quarter. The updated second quarter forecast released by the American Rental Association (ARA) now […]