Rising Inventories and Decreasing Values Persist for Used Heavy-Duty Trucks and Trailers

Asset values on the decline. According to the newest market reports from Sandhills Global, supply increases throughout 2023 for used heavy-duty trucks, semitrailers, tractors, construction equipment, and lifts in Sandhills marketplaces have not been accompanied by corresponding increases in demand. This has led to a decline in asset values in most equipment, truck, and trailer categories. “The trend we’re tracking across all three industries—trucks, farm equipment, and construction equipment—is especially pronounced within the heavy-duty truck and semitrailer markets,” says Truck Paper Sales Manager Scott Lubischer. “These markets have declined continually since the last value peaks occurred in Q2 2022.” High-horsepower tractors (those with 300 horsepower or greater) are the only exception to the trend. This market has shown a greater degree of stability and growth in asking values over the past year compared to other markets. By contrast, the other markets have been weak, with current asking and auction values falling below year-ago levels. READ FULL STORY >>