How to Update Your Hiring Techniques to Attract Younger Sales Talent

The old ways won’t cut it anymore. Editor’s Note: Hear Troy present at the IEDA Annual Meeting February 16–18 –– members can register here. By Troy Harrison The sales profession is changing, and unfortunately, it’s graying. Statistics show that the average age of a professional salesperson now is 47.1 years old. Fifteen years ago, that number was 42. That means that our profession has aged five years in the last fifteen – and that’s unsustainable. The sales profession needs new blood. With millennials now making up the majority of the workforce and Gen Z close behind, you might need to evolve your hiring practices to continue attracting top young sales talent. The old way of hiring salespeople – putting out a basic job description and waiting for resumes to trickle in – just won’t cut it anymore for recruiting younger generations. I’ve seen this in working with my clients – and I’ve seen some new methods generate great results. Sales managers need to take a more proactive and strategic approach to stand out and connect with qualified candidates. Here are five updated hiring techniques that have been shown to be successful in reaching younger sales professionals. Showcase Your Company Culture: “Culture” isn’t just a buzzword anymore. Today’s younger workforce values culture, flexibility, and purpose when job seeking. Showcase what makes your company culture, and your job opportunity, unique when recruiting. Highlight your culture on your careers page, company website, and job posts. Let candidates know if you offer benefits like remote work options (sales is well positioned for this in my opinion) and professional development programs– these attract young talent. Use images, videos, and employee spotlights so candidates can get a feel for your work environment. Culture can make or break whether you connect with younger applicants. One key – whatever you do, it must be authentic. Understand – even if you fake your culture, sites like Greendoor will very quickly let candidates know the truth. READ FULL STORY >>