I Found A Sales Answer I’ve Been Looking At For Years

By Jeffrey Gitomer Hi. How are you today?” I hate that line. When salespeople call up and say, How are you today? it’s a warning sign line. They’re saying, “I don’t really care what or how you’re doing today, I need to start my sales pitch. And this is the way I’m going to start it.” I’ve had a revelation that has been 20 years in the making. I used to have all my leads on a database, like an Excel spreadsheet, and I had different color-coded pins to strike out the ones that were Hot or Not Hot. And then there were the yellow highlighted ones when I made the sale. Then CRM came along. I could never get into it because it was just too cumbersome. For me, it was always a bunch of things that I had to do, that I didn’t really want to do. And the spreadsheet worked just fine. We did use a CRM here at one time for our sales leads, but we needed a consultant to turn it on, literally. READ FULL ARTICLE>>