Construction’s Favorite Password: 123456

By Gigi Wood | NordPass Construction is the most data-breached industry. It doesn’t matter if it’s the CEO or the contractor, the most popular password remains “123456.” According to a recent study by NordPass, a business password management company, of all the industries out there, construction is the worst at keeping hard-to-crack passwords. NordPass’ study shows the most used passwords, and how vulnerable most businesses are to data breaches, despite years of warnings to create more sophisticated passwords. The list of passwords was compiled in partnership with independent researchers specializing in research of cybersecurity incidents and was conducted to study password habits of high-level executives. While there are various reasons behind these data breaches, poor password hygiene is often spelled out as one of the weakest links, the study said. This is true of CEOs, executives and everyday Internet users. The most popular password globally is: 123456. READ FULL ARTICLE>>