6 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Leads in Five Minutes

By Troy Harrison I hate wasted opportunities. I bet you do too. One of the biggest sources of wasted opportunities is slow response time to incoming leads. I truly do not understand this – salespeople work their guts out to get new prospects, and yet when someone holds their hand up by calling, emailing, messaging, or filling out a contact form, salespeople let that lead sit there and get cold. I’ve seen it as a coach and I’ve experienced it as a customer. The only reason that I can fathom for this is that salespeople don’t want to appear “too anxious” to react. It’s kind of like the old dating philosophy that “you should never call her (or him) the day after the date.” Well, it’s dumb in dating and it’s dumb in sales. Incoming leads are gold and they should be worked immediately. How immediately? Here are the numbers, according to a study by M.I.T.: Five minutes is the ideal response time. Yes, I said five minutes. What that means is that a lead that is responded to with a personal phone call, not an email, within five minutes has the highest chance of being qualified, and further in turning into business. In fact, a call placed within five minutes is four times as likely to be qualified as a call placed at ten minutes – and 21 times more successful than a call placed at 30 minutes. If they don’t answer the phone, send a text – again, immediately. WOW. Why is that? Because the moment when someone holds their hand up is the moment when they are hottest for you. That should just make sense. But seeing the numbers in this format is right in your face, isn’t it? Let’s take it farther. A lead that is responded to in the first 30 minutes is 17 times as likely to turn into business as one responded to within 24 hours. In fact, over 20 hours, a lead response has the same percentages as an ice-cold call. READ FULL ARTICLE >>