7 Tips for Sales Kickoff Keynotes That Will Inspire Your Sales Team

By Michelle Richardson | The Brooks Group Planning your sales kickoff or national sales meeting? After you choose the date and venue, your next question may be who you should ask to deliver the keynote—and what you want them to talk about. Your sales keynote speaker will set the tone for the rest of the event. A great speaker can help motivate your sales team, elevate your mission, and drive results. But choosing the right speaker is a challenge. There are so many experts and people with inspiring stories who might be a good fit, but which one is available, affordable, and relevant? Your sales kickoff agenda must be inspiring, educational, and relevant to make your event memorable and productive. Checking all of those boxes, within the budget you’ve been given, can be daunting. Choosing a Great Sales Keynote Speaker for Your Sales Kickoff Here are seven tips to help you choose a great sales keynote speaker who will kick your sales team into high gear in the coming year. Step 1: Ask Your Sales Team The ultimate goal of a sales kickoff is to improve sales performance. The keynote speaker and topic you choose are the perfect opportunity to target the challenges your team faces and give them ways to overcome them. Involve your salespeople early in the planning process to get a clear idea of specific topics that are important to them. READ FULL ARTICLE >>