I’m satisfied with my present source. Well, maybe.

By Jeffrey Gitomer The prospect is not waiting by the phone for your call. Most people have what you’re selling and are doing business with someone else. They have a source for what you do and they think they are happy. Satisfied. Good News: Satisfied people are willing to do business with others. Your challenge is can you get them to do business with you? For you statistic buffs, “I’m satisfied with my present source,” ranks second on the all-time prospect objection list. “Price too high,” is number one (and always will be). When the prospect says, “I’m satisfied” they’re really saying: This is all I know, now. I don’t want to bother with you. I’m doing business with someone I like (not necessarily the best). I’m not telling you the real reason. I’m satisfied is a brush off. It’s not all that bad. Your prospect is saying that their existing supplier is the best they’ve been able to find. You may have a better product, price, availability for delivery, service, training, or warranty. The prospect is only telling you he’s satisfied from his perspective. He doesn’t really know about you or your company yet, BUT don’t give him any reasons to switch until you know why he’s satisfied. READ FULL ARTICLE >>