Why Not?  Four Innovative Ways to Prospect

By Troy Harrison Are you getting tired of me telling you that sales is changing? Too bad. I’m going to do it again. Sales is changing. That doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all of your old prospecting methods – but it does mean that you need to be adding new ones, and new tools to your toolbox. That can be uncomfortable for some of us, but it’s necessary. The reality is that we have more ways of contacting prospects than ever before. Some work – some don’t. And there are some that you should try to see if it works for you. What’s cool is this – there is no model of prospecting that “doesn’t work anymore.” Teleprospecting? Yep, still works, although the ratios are different now. Walk in cold calls? For many industries, they’re dead – but I have a client who lives off of them quite successfully. And then there are new ones that you probably haven’t tried, nor have I. Let’s talk about four innovative ways to prospect that you should probably try. READ FULL STORY >>