Use Cash Disbursements to Generate Better Cash Flow

By Garry Bartecki Last month, we reviewed the basics of managing cash flow and concluded that we would have more to say this month regarding cash disbursements. After this month, I want to move into some productivity dialog that will cover the “do more with less” concept, as well, and related steps that can get contractors to the same place. But before we do that, I just want to check one thing off my chest. And that is: transitory my foot! Okay, now I feel better. Back to cash disbursements we go. Last month we touched on managing cash disbursements as part of tracking cash ins and outs, but we did not dig into the weeds regarding specific ways to use policies and procedures to enhance cash position. All contractors and construction companies have bills and payroll to pay. How those bill payments are made can impact cash balance. Let us review a couple of ideas concerning cash disbursements that will generate better cash flow: READ FULL ARTICLE>>