Four Ways to Improve Your Sales Communications

By Troy Harrison My friend and speaking coach, Patricia Fripp, has a phrase that I love. She likes to say, “Specificity brings memorability.” She’s right – and she’s getting more and more right every day. What she means is that, when you are speaking (or selling), what sets you apart are the specific details that […]

Why Your Geographic Market Matters

By C. Stephen Clegg, Debbie Frakes, Guest Bloggers | Why Geographic Market Matters for Your Business When it comes to whether someone will work with a company or not, there are a wide variety of factors that come into play. Many of those factors are things you can control, like your parts availability, quality […]

Navigating Used Equipment Purchases: A Closer Look at Hidden Liens

By Dan Furman, Crest Capital While most used equipment purchases go off without issue, there is a circumstance that buyers should be aware of, and that’s whether the used equipment in question has a hidden lien on it. Companies of all sizes buy used equipment. In the asphalt industry, it can represent a fantastic value, […]

Sales Compensation Plan Best Practices in an Uncertain Market

By Mike Emerson As the pandemic changed the way salespeople interact with customers, forget about bandaging disruptions to old sales compensation plans. Instead, seize this moment as an opportunity to restructure your sales compensation plan. Traditionally, companies have sought to change sales compensation plans to better align sales costs with growth and other business objectives, […]

It’s that time of the year: “Call me back after the holidays.”

By Jeffrey Gitomer “Call me after the holidays” is the second most-heard objection in sales. (First being, “Your price is too high.” Third being, “I have to think about it.”). It comes up year after year and salespeople get frustrated year after year, unnecessarily. Here’s how to think about it and here’s what to do […]

Supercharge Your Online Presence with Customer-Generated Content 

Source: When we talk about customer-generated content, we mean any brand-related content published by customers on online platforms. It can include reviews, videos, images, and testimonials. Dealerships need to take this new way of customer feedback seriously because their customers certainly do! In fact, 90% of customers are reading online reviews before making a […]

Know your Key Performance Indicators in Rental Management

By Chris Aiello | Business Development Manager at TVH Parts Co. As the calendar turns to December, it’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year now since becoming a regular contributor in this Aftermarket column. In last month’s edition, I wrote about the topic of relational capital; the intangible asset that encompasses the […]

Long Term Tax Planning

By Garry Bartecki | Equipment Today Is there never a “TAX TIME” in the US? Don’t think so. And I believe “TAX TIME” is going to increase dramatically. The PROBLEM being that the US continues to spend more than it takes in, which we all know does not work in any way, shape or form. […]

Playing Russian Roulette with the Natural Gas Pipeline Grid

By Toby Mack The approach of winter brings another round in the deadly game of Russian roulette with inadequate natural gas pipeline capacity. An increasingly likely human and economic catastrophe will result if countless homes and businesses go cold and dark when the inevitable extreme cold weather event hits, with the U.S. Northeast being most […]

Four Ways to Help Protect Your Business From Cyber Crimes

By Sara Splittgerber – Sentry Insurance There are many factors to consider when it comes to protecting your business. One growing concern is cybersecurity. Businesses—especially those in the construction industry—have become popular targets for hackers and scammers. So far in 2023, the global average cost of data breaches is $4.45 million, a 15% increase over […]