This Little Piggy Got in the Door!

By Jeffrey Gitomer I hate cold calls. I think they’re a waste of time (but that’s another issue). For those of you that are still stuck doing them, here’s a refreshing look at the process. There are three steps (objectives) to (face-to-face) cold calling:

  1. Getting in to see the decider.
  2. Gaining the decider’s interest.
  3. Making the sale (or closing the next step in the sales cycle.)

You can’t get to #3 unless #1 & #2 are executed. Easy to say, not easy to do. Most cold calls fail miserably. But not you, you get right in every time, right? The biggest problem in cold calling is NOT the gatekeeper or customer who won’t let you in, it’s salespeople who are uncreative, take no risk, and have no fun. Now, this isn’t you, is it? Pam Lontos, a sales training expert, knew a salesman (Bill) who combined creativity and high risk to get into the offices he was rejected from but really wanted to get into. At the end of a week, he made a list of the high-value prospects that refused to see him. READ FULL ARTICLE>>