The Time to Start is Now

Garry Bartecki – Seen in Material Handling Wholesaler Our topic this month deals with tax planning and an organized approach to minimizing your tax bite as part of your CASH IS KING business practice. The is no doubt about it, the uncertain nature of our economy, inflation, and a lack of qualified personnel justify a tax avoidance policy to pay as little as possible. Being that your 2022 book results and therefore your tax results are somewhat in the “can” already, I plan to suggest methods to minimize the 2023 tax bill due 16 months from now. The tax code is EXTREMELY complex, and for equipment dealers, it is even more complex because rental transactions add to the complexity to the point where your normal an IRS agent without a lot of rental experience can drive you up the wall with the potential adjustments they come up with. Consequently, it pays for dealers to work with industry-specific professionals to suggest, explain, execute and deliver a tax avoidance plan as soon as possible for 2023 and beyond based on the current tax code. READ FULL ARTICLE>>