The Great Trust Experiment – Will Organizations Build or Erode Trust In The New World of Work?

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to have their employees work remotely, it launched what I have come to call The Great Trust Experiment. Literally overnight, organizations extended massive amounts of trust to their employees to do whatever it took to keep their businesses afloat. By most business metrics, The Great Trust Experiment has been a success. Productivity has risen, people have found new and effective ways to collaborate, and employees have experienced a more harmonious integration of their work and personal lives. But what about the impact on trust itself? Has The Great Trust Experiment caused employees to have more trust in their leaders and organizations? Last week I had the opportunity to speak with over 300 HR/L&D professionals in a webinar I conducted about Accelerating Trust During Times of Change. I asked participants to respond to the following question: To what degree has trust in your organization’s leadership increased or decreased because of the way they’ve handled the COVID-19 pandemic? Not surprisingly, 64.3% of respondents said trust in their organization’s leadership increased to a large/some degree. Only 20.7% said trust had decreased to a large/some degree, while 14.9% said there had been no impact on their level of trust in leadership. READ FULL ARTICLE >>