4 Safety Tips for Dealerships of Every Size

No argument can be made against the value of safety in the workplace. Creating a safe work environment for all employees must be a top priority for all companies, whether it’s behind a desk in an office, behind the wheel of a mower at a commercial property, or behind the shop doors at an equipment dealership. Implementing and following a safety program in a dealership setting comes with a unique set of challenges. Some companies have multiple locations, which means multiple teams to train and check up on. Plus, the general activities of a service shop, parts warehouse or equipment yard lend themselves to potentially-hazardous situations not typically found in most worksites. No matter a company’s situation, one factor remains consistent: a safety program is a must.

Building a Culture of Safety

Safety is successful when it’s ingrained in a company’s culture. It must be modeled and supported starting from the top down, then lived by every team member, every day. READ FULL ARTICLE >>