Selling a Dealership Requires Due Diligence but Can Pay Off in a Big Way

Don’t shy away from selling, despite fears about the post-Covid sales picture; according to Rex Collins, now is a great time to take that first step.

Despite the ups, downs and uncertainties of the past year, Rex Collins says many equipment dealerships are more profitable than ever. “If you’d asked me if dealers were going to be highly profitable when the economy shut down for weeks and months at a time while we were going through a pandemic, I would’ve said you were nuts,” says Collins, a principal with HBK CPAs & Consultants, a dealership solutions group that focuses on transaction work and traditional accounting. “Dealers are continuing to pinch themselves right now because profits exploded this year, thanks to higher gross profits and lower expenses. “It’s hard to believe, but as we close out the year, dealers are well on their way to having their best year ever.” READ FULL ARTICLE>>