How to Convince your Customers to share their Experience

Online reviews. They are the modern-day word-of-mouth, with 93% of buyers looking to online customer feedback before buying and 72% valuing online reviews over inputs from their own friends and families. But those reviews don’t tell the whole story. In fact, only 6% of customers write a review, and it turns out that a dissatisfied person will tell their tale to 10 more people than a satisfied one—an impact that’s only amplified by the megaphone provided by the Internet. So, how do you hand that megaphone to the happy customers? Four Ways to Encourage Online Reviews 1. Make it easy! The first step is simply to make it easy for customers, starting with  providing ample opportunity to give feedback. A verbal invitation at time of purchase is forgotten the moment the transaction ends, but a QR code on signage, plus a printed card with the receipt or in the mail, plus a series of scheduled follow-up texts and emails make it easy for your customers to remember to provide their thoughts and gives them multiple formats in which to do so. In your communications, embrace simplicity. A simple, to-the-point request is more likely to generate a response than a lengthy missive.. Finally, always give your customers the chance to contact you directly to ask questions or resolve issues. READ FULL ARTICLE>>