Rounding Second, Headed for Third: Balancing Employee Retention with Higher Labor Costs

By Garry Bartecki, GB Financial Services, LLC | Equipment Today  Columnist Garry Bartecki advises how to finish 2022’s construction season strong by retaining good employees with an eye on balance sheets. Well, here we are, most of the way through summer, after celebrating our great country on the Fourth of July and hopefully attending some baseball games this season. We now have four months left in 2022 to finish the year profitably, along with maintaining reasonable cash balances to take into 2023. Thus, my reference to “rounding second” and making it to “third,” and, if you are lucky, getting to “home” to score a winning 2022 construction season. I am usually a hockey fan. But it is summer, and with the Lord Stanley Cup being presented to Colorado, it is time to focus on baseball. READ FULL ARTICLE>>