Risk Assessment

by Garry Bartecki | Material Handling Wholesaler As you well know there are quite a few issues facing dealers for the balance of 2022 and into 2023.

  • We have Inflation with many factors pointing to Stagflation.
  • We have interest rate risk (which is scary).
  • We have credit risk from your OEM down to your customer level.
  • We have increased transportation costs.
  • We have pending EV interest and requirements.
  • We have consolidation on many equipment fronts.
  • We have staffing problems.
  • We have supply chain problems.
  • We have the retail sector stuck with bloated inventories.
  • You can add a few more.

On the positive side a recent BDO newsletter I received states that industrial real estate is staged to almost double the volume of five years ago. With many companies needing to put products closer to customers and the trend to produce more products in the US, lift truck dealers have a tremendous opportunity to add market share. Sounds good so far, but there is no free lunch because owners of these properties plan to become digitally aware looking to digitally connect systems to work together and deliver more productivity. Sounds great as long as you can participate in this digital process. If you cannot, do not expect to be at the top of the list when they need equipment. ( I suggest you sign up for those BDO emails because they contain a lot of practical material). READ FULL ARTICLE>>