3 Questions to Ask Customers About Service Issues

By Bob Clements | Bob Clements International, Inc. I spend most of my time working on-site with dealerships and service departments. One of the biggest hurdles I must address with employees of dealerships is a breakdown of communication due to poor documentation. This may seem like a very simple problem to fix but it takes effort and a process. The first breakdown in communication, that ultimately creates a snowball affect though out the whole dealership, is the first contact with the customer. Dealerships and employees are getting better with attaining the customer’s contact information, but I find most documentation stops there. I encourage employees to dig deeper and to document what the customer says, even if it might not seem extremely relevant to the job at hand. It is normally in those details where we can find missing links to problems. So, how do we get this information and what are the best ways to document the information gained? READ FULL ARTICLE>>