Promote Your Personal Brand

No matter how proficient you are in sales communication, and product support and how much industry knowledge you possess, you can’t close a deal unless you win customers over on a personal level.  So be sure to build your personal brand with the right stuff — admirable character traits. Although there has been little talk about the importance of “Personal Branding” in the equipment distribution industry, it is not a new practice.  The concept originated in 1997 when business speaker and management guru, Tom Peters published an article called “The Brand Called You” in Fast Company magazine and the era of personal branding was born. It has been a long while since the concept was first introduced, but today, progressive dealers are emphasizing its importance to their sales and product support teams. They recognize these individuals have the most customer contact. They should think and act as ambassadors of their dealership.

Do You Possess and Project the Right Stuff?

Trustful — Ethical — Sincerity — Honesty — Empathy — Integrity —Professionalism — Respect