8 Things You Should Be Getting From Your Business Insurance Provider

Priority No. 1: Work with a provider that really knows your business and is able to consult with you about exposures and costs before you get socked with a huge premium. The best insurance relationship you can have will be serving your business with regular reviews and industry-specific insight.

“What do you do?” I get that question from time to time, and you might think it would be an easy enough answer –– heck, it’s just insurance, right? I call you up and request some information then take that information to an insurance company that gives me a quote – I then put together a (hopefully) nice-looking proposal and you decide to buy or not. Fortunately for you, there’s quite a bit more that providers do for you, at least when you are working with a true expert in your industry. Now, from your perspective, the problem with insurance is that it is an intangible product. You could be spending thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a binder of paper.  You don’t really get to touch and feel the service of what an insurance company or insurance broker provides. READ FULL ARTICLE