October Podcast Highlights the Sales Trends You Cannot Ignore

What do you think about when you consider the subject of AI and your business ­– or more specifically, AI and your sales team? No question, the latest mainstream artificial intelligence offerings like Chat GPT have “skills,” but they don’t outperform what your people can do in terms of empathy, building relationships, asking great questions, and intuitively thinking on the spot. AI is just one of four huge trends that are altering the landscape of sales. Our guest this month, Troy Harrison – “the Sales Navigator” – is a truth-telling sales trainer who’s breaking down some realities that maybe you’re aware of but either don’t have time for or don’t want to think about. But ignoring them could mean you potentially get left behind, so here’s an opportunity to consider what’s going on today with technology, your current salespeople, prospective new sales recruits, and your buyers/renters. Good news: You’ll get to hear and meet Troy at the IEDA Annual Meeting in Orlando, February 16-18, 2024. Mark your calendar! LISTEN HERE >>