No End in Sight to the Industry’s Supply Chain Woes

Getting everyone on the same page about anything is a unique feat. But dealers everywhere seem to agree that the supply chain they currently face is as chaotic as any they’ve ever seen. COVID-19 is to blame, creating ripple effects on equipment availability, lead times and pricing. Nobody knows when the supply chain storm will calm, either, churning up uncertainty among customers who fortunately continue to produce. “We’re a unique dealer who deals with several manufacturers, and it doesn’t seem like any of them are in a better position than others,” says Micah Tysver, aggregate business development manager at General Equipment & Supplies, which is based in Fargo, North Dakota. “Everybody is competitive with pricing, with raw material costs up and significant price increases.” Prices are still moving upward, too. “We always get our price increases at the beginning of the year, which we did this year,” says Mike Murphy, owner of Aggregate Crusher Specialists, a dealer serving the West. “But now we’re seeing second and third increases over the last 30 days. Steel supply is pretty hard. Product deliveries are just horrible. Whether it’s coming from out of the country or from within, getting raw supplies and manufacturing something is really getting hard to do.” READ FULL ARTICLE>>