Developing a Team That Generates Growth

Here’s how Stotz Equipment recruits employees, onboards for success and offers leadership training for long-term growth. Employee management can be a complicated function with critical impact on your success. I’m the chief human resources officer for Stotz Equipment and I wanted to share some of our success strategies for talent management, including how we recruit employees through our website and best practices for onboarding, training, reviews and more. Stotz Equipment is a multi-generation, family-owned dealership with 25 locations in 8 states. However, these ideas can be adapted by dealerships of all sizes. Developing a Talent Strategy We have grown rapidly in the last 22 years from 3 locations to the 25 we have today, and we expect to double in size in the next 4-5 years. We hope to do that by gaining market share, by increasing customer satisfaction and adding more stores. READ FULL ARTICLE>>