Maximizing Profits Through Spend Management

Many dealers have yet to embrace spend management as the strategic opportunity that it is; it’s only natural put the focus on sales since that’s the obvious profit generator. The thing is, there are two ways for any business to increase profits – sell more and spend less. I’m not knocking our sales friends, but the savings a dealer can experience through effective spend management can make all the difference in the world during an economic downturn, global pandemic, the off-season, or any time when sales are more of a challenge – and when times are good it can make profits even higher. If we look at dealers through a spend lens, they typically fall into one of the 4 stages outlined below: We’ve been fortunate to work with a number of dealers in Stages 4+, and many who are in Stages 2 and 3 who are typically surprised by the magnitude of opportunity within their dealerships. We often hear things like, “I care about selling iron, not what we spend on copy paper” – but it’s so much more significant than paper. READ FULL ARTICLE>>