Leadership Lessons: The Customer-Centric Dealership of 2030?

When you look at a dealership website today, what does a customer see? They see sections for equipment (new & used), parts, service, precision, possibly finance and a bit about the company and locations. Job listings mirror this. “Looking for Service Techs, Sales Reps, Parts Specialists.” And this is the way a dealership’s organization and finances are organized today, based on models from 30+ years ago. But is it the right way for the future? Is “customer-centric,” helping the customer? And does it lead to a more effective, profitable dealership in 5-10 years? Our belief is that the dealer of 2030 will have to offer customer support, customer success and sell customer solutions as technology and software companies do today. These won’t be a bolt-on person nor an occasional satisfaction survey. What do these new roles mean? Customer Support – Assist customers in making correct use of a product through assistance in installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and disposal of a product. Customer Success – Relationship-focused efforts that are aimed at helping their customers be more successful, both with their product and with their broader goals. Customer Solutions – An integrated solution that connects multiple products, systems and processes. READ FULL ARTICLE >>