How To Prevent Equipment Theft At Your Dealership

Attention to detail at your stores and a proactive approach to security can deter theft before it happens.

The shiny new tractor on your lot or in your showroom can attract more than just customers. Thieves can quickly load valuable equipment onto a flatbed trailer, drive off undetected and get away with a handsome profit. The National Equipment Register, which manages a database of recorded equipment theft and ownership records, says equipment theft patterns generally mirror the overall economy. In 2021, equipment scarcities due to supply chain shortages combined with elevated demand for equipment resulted in a higher number of thefts. Dealerships often fall victim to burglaries during the holidays, according to the NER, and the agency received an increase in holiday burglary reports over the last 5 years. In 2021, thieves took nearly $13.6 million worth of equipment in 622 incidents reported during Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day. READ FULL ARTICLE>>