How to Navigate the Buyer’s Journey

By Troy Harrison For a while, I’ve been talking about how “sales processes” are outdated, and that the important issue in sales now is to understand and navigate the Buyer’s Journey. In fact, it’s a big focal point of my Webinar that’s coming up next week, “The Top Four Sales Trends That Could Double Your Bottom Line.” That said, I haven’t explained what the Buyer’s Journey is. That’s the focus of today’s article. We are living in a perfect storm in sales right now. Several elements that are cultural, technological, and generational have empowered buyers. I’ve said for many years that salespeople who thought they had “control” over the customer were kidding themselves, and I was right. But today’s buyer has control. And they damn well know it. And YOU had better know it, too, and respect it. If you do, you can not only survive. You can prosper, thrive, and quite frankly, kick the asses of the (many) salespeople who will choose not to internalize this fact of their professional life. So, without further ado, here is now to navigate the buyer’s journey: Step One: Motivation Every Buyer’s Journey begins with Motivation. Something provokes that buyer to feel dissatisfaction with his or her current situation and envision a desired future situation. The simplest example would be a buyer thinking, “I’m hungry,” and envisioning a time when he is no longer hungry because he’s eaten something satisfying. That’s how motivation works. It begins from a feeling of discontent, and the buyer begins his or her journey. READ FULL ARTICLE >>