5 Essential Skills of Exceptional Sales Managers

By The Brooks Group Exceptional sales management is key to an organization’s success—yet the role of a sales manager is one of the most challenging. Leading a sales team has become more difficult due to an evolving business landscape, technological advancements, changing customer expectations, and a host of other factors. The past few years have seen these challenges intensify as the business environment becomes more complex and dynamic. It’s not that sales managers don’t want to lead effectively. But many simply haven’t gotten the training, support, or knowledge they need to help their team succeed. World-class front-line managers report an average annual quota attainment of 105% compared to 54% for underperforming sales managers (Harvard Business Review). Successful sales managers must adapt to changes, continuously improve their skills, and lead their teams effectively to achieve sales goals in this challenging environment. This post offers the five most important sales manager skills needed to overcome obstacles, lead a team effectively, and thrive in any selling environment. READ FULL ARTICLE >>