Here’s How the Massachusetts Right to Repair Battle Will Impact You

Right to repair is a concept that says consumers have the right to repair their own automobiles. It also means they have the right to bring their cars to independent mechanics, not an authorized dealer, for repairs that are beyond the competence of the typical shade tree mechanic. Much of the impetus for right to repair laws is a sense among the motoring public that dealers tend to charge outrageous amounts of money for repairs and parts, which is why many refer to them as “stealerships.” The Joy Of Fixing Stuff  As someone who owned a small fleet of MGs over a period of 40 years, I am familiar with the emotional bond created between a car and its owner during those golden moments when a pair of rebuilt SU carburetors gets bolted to the cylinder head and the car actually starts! Oh, the joy that courses through the veins when that happens is something to be savored! READ FULL ARTICLE>>