Fast and Fiery-ous

By Tim Brannon | FDR said Dec. 7 would live in infamy. March 10, 2023, will live in memory — mine and my wife Debbie’s — forever as well. B&G Equipment’s employees saw smoke. 4 hours later the dealership lay in ashes under a maze of twisted steel. I did not think a metal building could burn – I thought wrong. An old portable generator taken in as a service project, evidently burst into flames in our small engine shop. How? I do not know. I was the first to see the source of the flames. Several fire extinguishers did not squelch the gasoline flames. Passersby had already called 911 and the sirens were a relief as the thick smoke had tongues of flame now coming from under the rafters. Four hours later the smoldering ruins of 45 years of blood, sweat, tears and laughter were the object of the local TV photographer. Fire departments that put out fires are only found on TV/ movie sets. Those insurance companies that show up with a check the next day are part of the same fictional story line. READ FULL ARTICLE>>