Counting Parts: Your Odds-On Favorite to Increase Your Bottom Line

By Tim Brannon | Posted in Best Practices  Years ago, one of the things that caused insomnia was an issue of “parts shrinkage.” This is not the problem of a 10-year-old fuel cap that gets smaller and will no longer fit. This is inventory, that is on paper, is supposed to be on the shelf — and it ain’t. The reasons for inventory shrinkage are listed as:

  1. Theft
  2. Accounting, or counting, problems.

We propose in the farm implement business that theft (#1) is not an issue. Few young gang members conspire, it seems, to distract the parts salespersons and slip a few fan belts down their drawers and make a clean get-a-way. Has anyone ever been approached on the street by a person who flashes open a jacket exposing an array of V-belts, looks nervously around, and asks, “Hey man, want to buy a fan belt for a 6000 Ford Commander?” No, rather, it is a counting problem. Counting cards in casinos can yield great rewards — especially if one can star in a movie about it. The same or greater reward can occur on the dealership level if everyone gets on board “counting parts.” READ FULL ARTICLE>>