Competition is Brutal — What to Do?

Times have been tough. Hopefully the Covid scare is diminishing and people are focusing on getting their businesses back on track! The truth is, there are more dealers, equipment sales professionals and parts and service sales people working harder than ever working to win over your customers. If you don’t excel in sales and provide them with the highest level of customer service they’ll head straight to a competitor. It’s that simple. To keep your customers coming back to you takes the dedicated efforts of every single person on your team. You can’t afford to have even one employee treat any customer with indifference. The bottom line is that the people in your company create your reputation and represent your brand. Everyone must consistently strive to provide customers a consistently superior experience with each and every encounter and in every aspect of the business process.  If you want your dealership to stand out in customers’ minds keep this in mind: Profitable dealers  are the result of consistently great customer experiences.   DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE>>