Attitude: the Great Builder (or Destroyer) of Confidence

Do any of these statements sound familiar? “There’s no way they’ll pay our price!” “That seems like too much margin. Am I gouging the customer?” “Price is the only thing that sells in my industry.” Attitude is the great builder (or destroyer) of confidence. If these statements sound familiar, you’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself. During inflationary times, buyers naturally question the value of your solution. Buyers often ask themselves, “Is it worth what I sacrifice?” As prices go up, buyers expect more value to justify the increase. Confidently presenting price instills confidence in the buyer. A confident seller creates a perception of fairness and greater value. Your confidence reassures the buyer. Too often, sellers let their negative pricing attitude affect their ability to confidently present price. You’ve put so much effort into winning this piece of business, don’t fumble it on the goal line. Use these tips to help you more confidently present your price. READ FULL ARTICLE>>