5 Ways to Increase Used Equipment Resale Values

Resale values fluctuate for construction equipment, but not just because of the brand, hours on the machine, time of year or economic conditions. What you put into your used machine before you sell it matters too. If you’re looking to sell, here’s a high-level checklist that can potentially help you increase your machine’s resale value to get more out of it. 1. Service history – Always have the machine’s complete service history available to show what service has been done and when, including what components or parts have been changed out. The service history helps you prove that the machine’s condition is reflective of its age and hours. This can be especially important if you’re selling a high-hour machine that’s actually in really good shape. For example, a buyer may assume an excavator with 8,000 hours on it needs a lot of work; but that may not be true if the undercarriage and other critical components were recently serviced or replaced. READ FULL ARTICLE>>