You Only Have One Flashlight

What you FOCUS on grows.

When we focus on PURPOSEFUL work that we feel connected to its POWERFUL. “Find clarity on what is your passion, focus on what gives you joy, it will bring you closer to your purpose, then align your life and work with it…” Sonya Law

Driven employees take ownership!

We know that feeling when we can’t wait to get out of bed and get working, we are energized by our work-day not the other way around. Commonly though most employees are out of step with what they enjoy. We have all been asked to do things in our job that we don’t agree with but because of our position and responsibility we carry out the task. In Human Resources this is very common particularly in restructuring and redundancy situations. Tasks that leave us questioning why we do the work we do? Creates a feeling of emotional dissonance and we feel burnt out, broken and overwhelmed instead. This isn’t always the case, when we carry out these tasks with humility, care and professionalism we create trust, respect and genuine connection with employees. Why is this important? Because as leaders we spend a lot of time and money directing, delegating and managing the performance of others and what we need is driven employees to take ownership. READ FULL ARTICLE>>