What Happens in the Auto Industry…..

By Garry Bartecki OEMs, Lift Truck & Construction Equipment dealers have always been paying close attention to what is happening in the auto industry, thinking that these large major industrial players that also sell via dealer networks are a step ahead of the equipment industry, and that most of the current as well as any expected financial and economic changes incurred by the car industry will eventually wind up on the equipment dealer’s doorstep. And you know what, that is probably truer than you think. For example, let’s consider the latest auto industry adventure called the latest UAW contract renewal terms. They are asking for some substantial pay increases as well as benefit adjustments. The Ford contract asked for 25% increases over the term of the contract which will put the top rate up to $40 an hour, with a 68% increase for starting wages to over $28 an hour. READ FULL ARTICLE >>