What Does Your Company’s Culture Have to do With Workforce Development?

Organizational culture encompasses many things, but primarily, culture impacts employees’ attitudes and directly affects output. Joe, a graduating technician, was recruited by his local dealership. He was excited to begin — a bit nervous, but ready to dig in. Mitch was Joe’s supervisor, and Sandy was a fellow technician who had been in her position for 10 years. Mitch wasn’t sure why Joe was being hired. He felt he and Sandy were handling the volume just fine, and he liked the overtime pay. Mitch was just a few years short of retiring and was starting to wonder if the boss’s plan for his retirement matched his own. Sandy had put her time in and expected to be promoted into Mitch’s position. She made sure that Joe, as he got started, understood that. Mitch heard his boss talking about what an expert Joe was on the new technology and was no longer sure Sandy was the shoe-in for his position they both expected. Six months into the job, Joe is no longer certain what he’s gotten himself into. He had been eager to share what he had just learned with his older teammates, but they dismissed him and give him a hard time about it. Mitch and Sandy barely speak to Joe, and, when they do, it is to point out what he has done wrong. Joe is no longer sure that this is the right career for him.   READ FULL ARTICLE>>