What Does a Good Problem-Solving Culture Look Like?

Too many organizations lack structure around finding root causes and fixing them, and instead just go looking for someone to blame. How would you describe your company’s problem-solving culture?  I have asked any number of managers that question; as often as not, it’s received with a blank stare.  Most managers haven’t thought about just how problem-solving in their organization happens. Those who have thought about it are reluctant to say something like: “When a big problem arises, we ignore it as long as we can so that no one has to take responsibility for fixing it. When it gets so bad that it’s biting our rear ends, we go on a wild hunt for a scapegoat, heap blame on them, engage in a round of hysterical firefighting, then return to our business.” Asked his approach to hitting, baseball legend Ted Williams replied, “See the ball, hit the ball.”  That intuitive tactic worked for Mr. Williams but, too often, “seat of the pants” problem-solving leads to a “See the problem, fix the blame” culture.  A leader’s job is to create a “See the problem, study the problem, fix the problem” culture. READ FULL ARTICLE>>