Uncertainty Cracks Dealer Optimism

2022 Rural Lifestyle Dealer Business Trends & Outlook

Fewer rural equipment dealers are anticipating growth in 2022, a direct reflection of today’s volatile environment where labor, product supply and consumer demand are difficult to predict. According to the results of Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s annual dealer survey, just one-third of dealers anticipate sales growth of at least 2% this year. That breaks a string of 5 straight years where at least half of dealers anticipated growth heading into the new year. In fact, 56% anticipated growth heading into 2021 and 64% anticipated growth heading into 2018. Many of this year’s more pessimistic dealers still think revenue will be in line with last year. However, more dealers are thinking they’ll have a down sales year than in years past. Roughly 32% of dealers think revenue from rural lifestylers and landscape contractors will decline this year, compared to just 19% one year ago. READ FULL ARTICLE>>