Unbiased Customer Feedback

By Alex Kraft, Guest Bloggers | Caroline Slee-Poulos | www.LearningWithoutScars.com Customer surveys are all the rage these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid’s lemonade stands down the street started texting a survey after each purchase made. I had a recent positive experience that caught my attention though and is the purpose of this blog. It isn’t necessarily about the frequency of surveys, its more about the employees’ communication to customers. It seems like in almost every instance, the consumer is told what scores are acceptable. It usually happens like this: “just to give you a head’s up, you’ll be getting a survey and it’s really important for us here. Anything less than 5’s across the board hurts us”. Of course, I don’t want this person negatively impacted by my answers. I understand that many companies use surveys as an incentive compensation opportunity, but doesn’t this practice contradict the entire purpose of surveying for customer feedback? Customer feedback is critical to understanding performance, market perception, and expectations. But this approach detailed above has become all too common and misses the mark. To me, identifying areas to improve is the most important part of customer feedback. READ FULL ARTICLE>>