Top Three Reasons to Skip the University System

By Isaac Rollor, Guest Blogger | Top three reasons to skip the university system and pursue a heavy equipment career in 2023. Imagine yourself as an 18-year-old high school graduate today. Now imagine that you must decide whether to attend a university or find a job and start a career. In years past this decision was simple for most of our culture. Just a few years ago college was almost a non-negotiable experience in the eyes of mainstream parents and teachers. For an 18-year-old today there is a new grassroots message regarding university attendance and careers that is gaining momentum. This new message lowers the importance of attending a university and raises the importance of developing a skill within a career area. A growing number of parents are embracing this new message mainly because the cost of college is out of control, and parents see clear evidence that many positions requiring technical skill are currently not filled. An 18-year-old today must be very courageous to embrace the new message and start a career without attending a university. Choosing a profession can be overwhelming so I have outlined the Top 3 reasons to skip university and pursue a heavy equipment career in 2023. #1 Stability The market for construction equipment is expected to continue growth despite signs that other areas of the economy may contract in the coming years. Regardless of economic factors there are certain skilled positions at manufacturers and dealers are already facing labor shortages. Job areas such as repair technicians and technical support are constantly in demand. Most of the manufacturers of heavy equipment have very recognizable brands and products. Plus, most manufacturers and dealers have made huge investments in fixed operations which means there is a very slim chance that your career with a dealer or manufacturer will be outsourced or quickly replaced by technology like AI. Need more evidence that this industry will survive economic uncertainty? Look at any reputable market research report. Currently the U.S. construction equipment market alone is valued at approximately 149 billion, and the market is expected to grow to approximately 194 billion by 2030. #2 Career Development READ FULL ARTICLE >>