The Perfect World of Parts

By Tim Brannon | Best Practices, Dealer-to-Dealer Resources Many years ago in our church, the task of adjusting the thermostat fell to good ole Gary. People always complained about it being either too hot or too cold during the sermon. One Sunday he came up to me and said “I have found the perfect temperature setting. Those that are always hot, were hot, and those who are always cold, were cold today. I now have everyone mad and yelling at me! Such is the life of a parts manager. It is his lot in life to make sure the dealership always has every part on the shelf that the customers and the shop technicians will ever need. He will make sure there are no obsolete parts in inventory, no discrepancy in count vs what the computer states, keep up with supersessions and kits that have daily part number changes, make sure freight is charged, and deal with customers who ordered the wrong side of the needed part and refuse to admit it. READ FULL ARTICLE>>