The Isolation Process, A Powerful Path to More Sales

By Jeffrey Gitomer Psst — hey — c’mere! I’ve got a secret to tell you…Sometimes prospects will stall you, sometimes they will lie to you, sometimes they won’t tell you the real reason why they won’t purchase. When a prospect gives you some lame excuse (stall) about why they won’t buy now, he’s really saying, “not yet.” There are two basic types of stalls: People stalls and Thing stalls. Thing stalls are when prospects say — I’m too busy now, your price is too high, I have too many other obligations. Frustrating, isn’t it? Want to make the stall go away? Simple. Here’s the strategy: Isolate the stall or objection as the only obstacle, and then eliminate it from the situation by asking, “what if it was gone, or was not the situation…would you buy?” READ FULL ARTICLE>