The Agony of Idle Equipment on a Construction Jobsite

By Garry Bartecki | GB Financial Services, LLC Poor controls cost you money two ways; loss of work and increase in costs. We all have our daily routines to follow. Or maybe not anymore, if you work from home rather than the office. Then there are the times where you take routes occasionally to fill needs or find services. In either case, however, I eventually come across a scene that drives me nuts. You know by now that I am an equipment nut. I love construction machines because they “build” things for long periods of time if properly maintained. In fact, most units should make it through two rebuild cycles before being disposed of. They are amazing machines. Figure out yet what is driving me nuts? Let me tell you: It is seeing the same machine sitting idle on a jobsite. Going about my daily routine, once I see such a unit sitting on a jobsite, I make a point to keep checking on it to see if it was used. And if I happen to be on one of my occasional routes, my brain reminds me that I saw an idle unit and to keep my eyes open for it as I drive along. Seeing those idle units drives me nuts! Maybe I am nuts for getting excited about it, but I doubt it. When you consider the equipment costs are probably close to 20% of total construction costs, you have to believe that if that idle unit I keep seeing was properly used, the cost of the job would have been lower and completed sooner. Believe me, having equipment sitting idle is costing you dearly. READ FULL ARTICLE >>