Role-Playing is Essential for Sales Professionals

Professional athletes, accomplished musicians, battle-ready soldiers, doctors, pilots, and all professionals know that practice is essential. Pilots practice in simulators. Then after two months of ground training, they need to log more than 1,500 hours of flight experience. Quarterbacks run their patterns over and over. You play as you practice. And in sales, it is no different. Jerry Rice had a career as one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. Yet it was much more than just talent or good hands that made that a reality. Jerry had one of the most rigorous workout schedules in the NFL. Plus, we know that professional athletes watch a lot of films! They play back game film to critique strategy and execution. They must constantly improve to compete and win. You play as you practice. If you want to make the big plays when it counts – your practice regimen is imperative. So how can a sales professional get that essential practice?   READ FULL ARTICLE >>