Quality of Communication Channel

Ron Slee reminded us (see From Paper to Glass) that he has talked for decades about the three questions a customer asks when they need to purchase parts from a dealer: 1.  Have you got it? 2.  How much is it? 3.  How long do I have to wait to get it? These are the same questions customers have when they want to purchase something else or they are looking for any information regarding their equipment. So, what does your customer do when:

  • they are going to replace their old machine with the new one?they want to get rid of their old equipment?they think about additional attachment to their old machine?they are looking for spare parts?their machine is down in the middle of nowhere?they are looking for the spec sheet of the older machine model?they miss somewhere an Operators’ Manual?they have to estimate the total quantity of fuel for their new project?they immediately need any other kind of information related to his fleet?
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